Medicine to Heal

Comforting as a Bedtime Story


Looking for safe, all natural alternatives to conventional medicine?

The Mederi family of products are made from homeopathic formulations developed through over a decade of clinical experience. We've based each formula on the remedies we've had the greatest success with in our clinic in Calgary, AB, and we have created products that you can count on. Mederi products are safe, effective, and fast-acting with no side-effects or harsh chemicals.

The Story of Mederi

It all started about twelve years ago, when we opened our little clinic in Calgary, Alberta. We were providing homeopathic remedies for everyday health concerns, but even more than that, we created a space for our clients to come and feel comfortable talking about their concerns and struggles. We started to understand that medicine is everything from a hug, or listening, to finding the right remedy. Whether it was seasonal allergies, a stubborn cough, or a screaming baby at 3 am, we were able to provide relief to our clients when they needed it most.

Our mission was to be able to share both relief and health with families all across Canada, but being just one clinic limited our reach. After more than a decade of prescribing homeopathic remedies, we started to create formulas that use the remedies that our clients consistently have success with, and are bringing them to you as the Mederi family of products.

Mederi is a Latin word that means "to heal" and it is the word that medicine is derived from.
Our philosophy is that medicine should be simple, effective, and trustworthy, without any harmful chemicals or harsh side-effects. Hippocrates said "let your food be your medicine," and we have created the Mederi family of products to be as safe and wholesome as the food your give your family.